Hit & Run

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A Virginia driver must stop at the scene of an accident in which he is involved. The fault or cause of the accident is not relevant. He must give the other driver information. This would include a name, address, driver's license number, vehicle registration information. "Reasonable assistance" should also be rendered to those injured.


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Hit & Run Lawyer in Fairfax, VA

A Hit and Run charge can result from any car accident that the driver fails to report this charge requires that he or she:

  • Make physical contact with another vehicle, person, or object
  • Resulting in property damage, injury, or death, and
  • Failed to report the accident

To support this conviction the Prosecutor must prove that the driver knew of the accident and knew (or should have known) that the property was damaged or someone was injured. The prosecutor must also prove that the driver failed to give the required information to the other driver and law enforcement. Call The Law Office of S.K. Johnson if you have been falsely charged with a hit and run.

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