Violent Crimes

Rage, intoxication, circumstances, defense, misguidance, and conscious choice all can lead to violent actions. Whether you were arrested for a bar fight, an emotional outburst, a personally justifiable physical altercation, or a deliberate act of violence, you have the right to legal counsel under the law. But if you don’t have an experienced attorney, one with expertise in violent crimes, you don’t have the same chance at obtaining a favorable outcome. 

Violent Crimes Attorney in Fairfax, VA

The Law Office of S.K. Johnson has been defending the citizens of Fairfax and surrounding communities for almost a decade. She has represented defendants involved in:

  • Strangulation 
  • Stalking
  • Abduction & Kidnapping
  • Assault & Battery
  • Protective Order

Aside from these charges, Shannon Johnson has represented clients involved in other criminal charges and can offer expert advice when you don’t know what your best option is.

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Fighting a Violent Crime Charge

The penalties for violent crimes will vary by the offense, but even minor offenses can make it difficult to find employment, housing, and any future situation where your criminal record is considered. Fighting the charges is the only way to directly challenge law enforcement, the evidence they claim against you, and to ensure your side of the story gets told.

In order to fight a violent crime charge, you need to acquire sound legal representation to guide you through the process and argue your side on your behalf. Shannon Johnson has experience representing clients charged with various violent crimes, and she knows how to approach the charges laid against you. Her strategy for this is: 

  • Uncover the evidence
  • Compile a list of witnesses and vet them for testimony 
  • Prepare the defendant by educating them on the details of their case and the strategy moving forward
  • Present a thoroughly researched and effective argument against the prosecution with the anticipation of counter-arguments

It doesn’t matter what you are charged with or what actions led to your arrest, when you seek the legal counsel of Shannon Johnson, you will be given the best legal representation that will treat you with respect and dignity while advocating for your freedom. 

Retaining the Services of the Law Office of S.K. Johnson

Shannon Johnson makes it easy for you to reach her and decide to move forward. You can hire her face-to-face or over the phone. Many clients, already in custody, hire her over the phone due to the inability to meet in person. So if you or your loved one can’t come to Shannon, she will find a way to communicate effectively with you so that you can still move forward with your case. 

Don’t leave your case in the hands of the prosecutor. Call Shannon Johnson today for legal advice and representation.

Violent Crimes Defense Attorney Serving Fairfax, Virginia

Arrested for a violent crime? Are you facing serious charges? You need an experienced defense attorney to make sure your individual rights are honored and protected from police misconduct and the justice system, and to fight for the best possible outcome of your case. You shouldn’t put your future in the hands of the system. Call the office of S.K. Johnson for help.